Frater's Thicket

A Model of Thought

A Model of Thought
Frater’s Thicket and its ministry is a focus on helping the church bridge the gap between what is mental health today and what the Bible teaches about the mind. In the last hundred years the church has allowed the secular world to take over this service to the community and its people. The church today talks of salvation, what is right and what is wrong, but it does not champion or accept the reality that the people, God’s people, struggle with anger, anxiety, depression, substances and other mental health issues. It is the belief that once we are saved that it is a simple transition from a conditioned or programmed mind by the world to an unshakable faith, an undying hope, and an immeasurable love.

The concept of sustainable peace is an automatic forgone conclusion to a people that are only experiencing it for the first time through salvation. The Bible calls for the renewing of the mind, a step further than salvation. It is a reconditioning of the mind as God initially intended, developing an understanding that strengthens the individual to be the man or woman that can find a sustainable relationship with His love and the peace that He can only offer.

Frater’s Thicket is more than just for the beginner. If you are a minister, counselor, social worker or even a lay person who wishes to use the word of God to help those with mental health issues, Frater’s Thicket will help you reach a much greater level of understanding than any academic book teaches on the subject today.